Week 1: No Lab

Week 2: Data collection in the ISC, meet on the 1st floor of the ISC instead of our usual lab.

Week 3: Your first dynamic report using Rmarkdown

Week 4: Data visualisation with ggplot2
Lab 4 data: plankton data

Week 5: Data: Gliding Snake UndulationsStickleback Plates
Lab 5: Coding notes and 3 lab write-up questions – use the Stickleback Plates data.

Week 6: Integration: Pesticide use in Kaua’i handout and data.

Week 7: Regular expression practice grep/gsub practice and practice text file
Regex testing website: https://regex101.com/
Regex tutorial: http://regexone.com/

Week 8: Function lab exercise

Week 9: Data mashups lab exercises
Data: mammal_physiology.csvmammal_taxonomy.csvhemlock and woolly adelgid data

Week 11:
Data: blackbird_testosterone_raw.csv

Week 12: Final project work

Week 13: Linear Models 
Data: LM Example Data

Week 14: More on ANCOVA
Code: Mole Rat Analyses