Below are course webpages related to things I teach both here at UMB and as invited workshops. Feel free to email me with inquiries and other questions.

  • Marine Biology & Ecology (Biol 310/381): Undergraduate class for juniors/seniors interested in a community ecology approach to marine biology.
  • Structural Equation Modeling: I teach a 5 day workshop course in SEM. I’ve taught this at universities and field stations from Sweden to Mexico. I also offer it annually in the winter in Boston. Please contact me if interested, bearing in mind that my ability to come and teach it outside of Boston is subject to the constraints of my teaching and field schedule.
  • An Introduction to Computational Data Analysis for Biology: Graduate course in biostatistics, data science, and experimental design.
  • Underwater Research Methods: A summer course for students interested in satisfying the UMB requirements for research diving. Emphasis on dive safety and the research techniques required to perform studies on SCUBA