There’s a surprising amount that goes into the one simple act of reading in a data file to produce a data frame. Today we’re going to explore that in all its complexity, and add in libraries to boot, as our data often requires external libraries to load.

Let’s start at the very beginning - directory structure!

First, as we enter our data, where should we save it? Every project you have should have ####1) It’s own directory ####2) A standardized directory structure

I often use something like this:

My Project 
|- Data 
|- R 
|- Notes 
|- Images 

You may build something more elaborate, but this is a good starting point for any project - be it a homework, research project, lab report, or anything.

Now, enter that data!

Data entered! Can I just save it and move on?

Let’s say you’ve entered your data. How do you save it so that R can read it? Well, what does an Excel file look like to R?