It’s Go Time

As we role into your May 16th Final Due Date, you’ve all been doing a lot of work with initial data processing, some visualization, some coding, and pondering about what it all means.

Show Us What You’ve Got

While I said there would be no final presentations, for your final assignment, I’d like you to give the class an idea of what you’re doing and show off some of what you have done so far. This isn’t a big final presentation, but something small. Using R Markdown Presentations (it’s there in the menu), I want you to whip up a few slides that show us the following few points. This should be no more than 10 minutes of material. Each point really can have just 1 slide. 2 if you need to!

1) What is your dataset?

Give us a little bit of information - what is it, where did you get it, what kind of information is in it. A summary table or list and one figure would be enough.

2) What is your question?

One slide. What do you want to know?

3) One visualization that addresses the question.

Just one! It doesn’t have to be perfect or right, but something that shows us the direction you are going.

4) One analysis.

Again, just one! Apply a statistical modeling technique we’ve talked about in the last few weeks. Show the what you did and it’s results.

5) Where you are going/problems?

Give us an idea of where you’ll be going from here and if you have any questions/problems for the class to give you help with.