Show all code and outputs in any problems below that use R.

  1. Create a vector of 100 randomly distributed numbers between 0 and 100 using runif and save the vector into the variable my_vec. What information does str and summary tell you about my_vec? How do they differ?

  2. Try out a little plot. What does hist(my_vec) show you? What information does the helpfile for hist tell you about what you just did?

  3. Load up the mtcars data set using data(mtcars). Apply the following functions to mtcars: class, str, summary. What do these three functions tell you about mtcars?

  4. Look at the help file for the class data.frame. What does it tell you about these objects?

  5. What kind of data are you thinking about working with for your final project? Give me a brief description of the data.