New Paper: The four pillars of scholarly publishing: The future and a foundation

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Jarrett’s piece summarizing the consensus from the NCEAS working group The future of publishing in ecology, evolutionary biology, and environmental science is now out at Ideas in Ecology & Evolution. Enjoy!

Tour of our New Home

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In August, we’ll be moving to the new UMB Integrated Sciences Complex. Today, some of the biology faculty got a look at our new digs…check it out! (scroll to the left below)

New Paper: Linking Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

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A thoughtful review of the challenges and opportunities available for incorporating Biodiversity Ecosystem Function work with Ecosystem Service provision that grew out of an NCEAS working group.

Funded: Food Web Structure & Ecosystem Multifunctionality in New England Salt Marshes SeaGrant

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Our SeaGrant project to study variation in New England salt marsh food web structure and ecosystem multifunctionality has been funded! This work will lead to the construction of a general New England food web (underway with some of our stellar undergrads), support for grad and undergrad research, and more!

Jarrett Talks Crowdfunding on G+

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Interested in learning more about science crowdfunding? Jarrett participated today with Science on Google+ to discuss #SciFund and science crowdfunding. Watch below:

New Grad Student Paper: Diverse Marsh Consumers Maintain Ecosystems

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Congrats to Byrnes lab student Marc Hensel! Marc has a fantastic new piece out in PNAS out showing how increases in diversity across multiple kingdoms of salt marsh consumers can affect multiple ecosystem functions. Nice work!

New Paper: Ecological Networks & Salt Marsh Microbes

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Fun new piece out in collaboration with the Bowen lab. We show how techniques from food web network ecology can be used to bring together ecological network analyses from food webs with genomic data to assign salt marsh microbes to “species.” Bonus, the analyses were blogged about along the way!

Crowdfunding in the Boston Globe

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Science crowdfunding and #SciFund are featured in today’s Boston Globe with quotes from the lab.

Welcome new lab members!

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Welcome to a new school year, and to the new Byrnes lab students Jillian Dunic and Marc Hensel!

New postdoc!

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Welcome to Byrnes lab postdoc Alison Haupt!