New Paper: One Phrag Genotype to Rule them All

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In new work out last week, Jarrett working with colleagues showed that the genotype of different subspecies of Phragmites australis not only sets up sometimes *very* different communities of microbes, but ultimately determines local ecosystem function and plant performance. These genotype-microbe associations can be nearly identical even when plants are hundreds of kilometers apart. These […]

Are warming oceans hitting Gulf of Maine Kelp Forests?

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Jarrett is quoted in an AP story in this week’s Portland Press Herals on the fate of Gulf of Maine kelp forests based on work the Kelp Ecosystem Ecology Network is doing here!

Congrats to REUs!

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Byrnes Lab REUs presented their summer work on predation in kelp forests and sedimentation rates in salt marshes at the UMB summer research symposium, and nailed it! It’s been a great summer watching them grow as scientists and just do amazing work. Here’s to more to come!               Still […]

New Paper: Global Kelp Forest Change

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Four years ago, I was fortunately enough to lead a working group on the global impact of climate change on kelp forests. Our first research product has just come out in PNAS, and I am incredibly proud of it. In it, we analyze hundreds of data sets of kelp forest change spanning nearly a half […]

New Paper: Biodiversity Change & Human Impacts in the Sea

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Work in our ocean biodiversity change class and working group is beginning to bear fruit! This Elahi et al. piece looks at timeseries of biodiversity in oceans around the world and finds that in areas of high human impact we are more likely to lose species. However, a number of ecological drivers appear to be […]

Reef Life in Your Back Yard

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Recently, Jarrett talked kelp and climate change at the Monadnock Summer Lyceum in New Hampshire. The audio is now online courtesy of New Hampshire Public Radio!

New Paper: Biodiversity enhances ecosystem multifunctionality

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I’m pleased to announce a grand meta-analysis of how biodiversity influences not one or two, but many ecosystem functions at the same time. This was a wonderful collaboration started at NCEAS but ultimately also sucking in Byrnes-labber Marc Hensel as well! Also, check out this interactive map of study sites. Lefcheck, J.S., Byrnes, J.E.K., Isbell, […]

Talking Kelps and Climate Change at the New England Aquarium

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It’s always a bit painful to watch yourself talk, but I think this came off pretty well. A public lecture at the New England Aquarium. It was an interesting one to put together, and I’m still working on my style for public non-academic lectures, but all in all, not too shabby… I hope.

Floating Forests: A Kelp Citizen Science Project

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Today, we launched the online citizen science project Floating Forests in collaboration with the online citizen science group Zooniverse. Byrnes lab members Jarrett Byrnes and Alison Haupt along with Kyle Cavanaugh from UCLA, Alejandro Perez-Matus from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Tom Bell and Andrew Rassweiler from UC Santa Barbara, and Jorge Assis from the […]

New Paper: In which we publish on squid

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A few years ago, Jarrett taught an SEM class to some awesome students in Tjärnö. He kept working with one who was modeling Humboldt squid because, well, squid! It’s out now!